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the paradise of the venetian lagoon

Explore nature like you've never seen it in Lio Piccolo

Lio Piccolo is a small village that can be admired precisely because of the pristine state in which it has remained over time. It is part of the municipality of Cavallino Treporti and is the oldest in the Venetian lagoon. At one time, when the local saltworks activity was flourishing, it was home to up to 500 inhabitants, now down to only 22. 

The peculiarity of Lio Piccolo is its archipelago-like structure: narrow channels alternate with lagoon islets covered with vegetable gardens and wild vegetation. Along with fishing valleys, in fact,horticulture is one of the cornerstones of the area’s economy, and we can find it immersed in the very land it feeds on. Castraure, or the first shoot of the violet artichoke, is grown here.

lio piccolo panorama agriturismo

The beauty of the lagoon

Lio Piccolo is perhaps one of the best spots in the entire Venetian Lagoon for observing small birds and flocks. To best enjoy the area’s wildlife, use your bicycle and unhurriedly ride along the old paths amid the unspoiled nature around you.

In every nature walk, man receives much more than what he seeks

John Muir

Remember to reserve your access!

Lio Piccolo is a protected area for which you must book access on holidays and pre-holidays. See the website below to find out more, or call us daily until 12 noon or 3 p.m. to book with us.