Fresh products for sale in Cavallino Treporti

Le Manciane, from which the farm has taken its name, are real shallow shallow bodies of water where the various fish species raised in the valley go to feed. The company covers 10 hectares of salt water and over 5 hectares of land in the vegetable garden. A part of the gardens is cultivated with protected cultivation in greenhouses, the rest instead with open fields. At Le Manciane farmhouse we offer our guests the opportunity to buy seasonal products grown in our garden, including various vegetables such as zucchini, tomatoes, salads, aubergines without forgetting the Venetian violet artichoke and giuggola.

One of the characteristics of the company is the breeding of valley fish, including: sea bream, sea bass, eel, mullet, shrimp and aquatelle. The whole breeding cycle is extensive, that is without human intervention.

Venetian violet artichoke

At our facility in the municipality of Cavallino – Treporti, from May to June you can buy a delicacy typical of the Northern Lagoon of Venice: the Violet Artichoke of Sant’Erasmo. It is a delicious product and included among the principals of Italian Slow Food. The violet artichoke is known by the name of “castraura”, famous for being typically tender, fleshy, elongated, thorny and with violet-colored bracts. There are many recipes in which it can be cooked: raw, fried, browned or cold with lemon.


One of the specialties that you can find in our farm is the jujube, a plant native to China and central Asia and also known as Chinese date. The area affected by the production of this plant is mainly that of the north coast of Venice, in particular Mesole and Lio Piccolo, where our company is located. Its fruit, the jujube, is used for the preparation of refined jams and syrups and a particular liqueur, called jujube broth.

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