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From appetizers to traditional fish and meat first dishes ("Primi"), to seasonal grilled fish or meat dishes, ending with homemade cakes and desserts. We pride ourselves on our unique seasonal specialities, rich in flavour: Corallo de maseneta, filet de oratina in saor, moeche and cuttlefish with castraure. Discover all this and more on the menu of the Le Marciane farm in Lio Piccolo, set in the striking landscape of the Venetian lagoons.

Our junipers

One of the specialitieswe offer that makes a regular appearance on our menus is the juniper plant, or berry. A plant originally from China and Central Asia it is also known as the 'Chinese Date'. This delicious and delicate plant was introduced to the Mediterranean basin, in central and southern Italy by the Romans at the time of Emperor Augustus himself. In the Venetian lagoon, however, the Juniper appeared later- at a time when trade and travel between Italy and the East were very active. Today, the area with the heaviest production of this plant is the northern coast of Venice, in particular Mesole and Lio Piccolo, where our farm is located. Its fruit is used to prepare refined jams and syrups and a special liqueur, known as juniper soup.

The Masenate

The Masenate are female crabs, common and heavily fished in the Venetian lagoons. In the autumn, before they lay their eggs, the so-called mass of 'roe' matures. At our farmhouse in Cavallino Treporti, in the province of Venice we offer this crab roe delicacy as a delicious accompaniment to our dumplings and other dishes.

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