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What do we do


At Le Manciane farmhouse in Cavallino Treporti, in the province of Venice, you can taste the best of traditional Venetian cuisine. Our staff are ready to welcome you with delicious dishes prepared using only quality, seasonal ingredients- from vegetables cultivated in our gardens to fish grown with our own aquaculture process, next to the farmhouse. Our products are slow-grown and cultivated to guarantee the best in flavour, quality and freshness.

Our menus

Our dishes are prepared using seasonal vegetables, fish from our salt-water aquaculture lakes, pasta and homemade cakes.
Some of the typical dishes you can see on our menu include:
  • Branzino or Orata fillet appetizers in saor,
  • Mixed fried lagoon cuttlefish,
  • First courses of gnocchetti with gravy,
  • Sepia black Tagliolini and pasta with fish sauce,
  • Second courses with Orata Branzino or Anguilla with braces,
  • Moeche and fried vegetables.
In our farm we also prepare simple and traditional meat dishes including beef and chicken, farmed locally and we have vegetarian and vegan menus available on request.

Our garden and fishing

At the Le Manciane farm, located in Lio Piccolo, in the province of Venice, we offer our guests the opportunity to buy seasonal products grown in our garden, including the violet artichoke of Sant'Astremo. All our products are slow-food products for a richer flavour and eco-friendly 0km travel time from farm to plate.
Furthermore, thanks to the perfect lagoon setting of our location, we can offer our customers quality, organic fish. In fact, our farm is known in Lio Piccolo for its unique and extensive valley fish farming and the growing of fish with no human intervention.

Come and try our tasty fish dishes, following the slow rhythm of the seasons and tides, such as our "moeche" (on request only), wet cuttlefish with castraure, coral "mazaneta" with white polenta and roasted beef fillet and "saor".

Discover our unique 0km, seasonal fish and vegetable dishes. 
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