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The Farm


The Le Marciane farmhouse was established in 1994, after the acquisition by our family of the cultivated land attached to the farm. The Marcians, from which the company took its name, are like shallow water ponds where the various species of fish raised in the valley are fed. We oversee an area of ​​10 hectares of salt water and over 5 hectares of land for cultivation. Part of the gardens are cultivated in protected greenhouses, while the rest is made up of open fields. On our land we cultivate a variety of vegetables from zucchini to tomatoes, salads and aubergines, as well as Venetian violet artichokes and Junipers. One of the highlights of what we offer comes from our unique valley fish farm: bream, sea bass, eels, shrimps and aquatic plants. The entire breeding cycle of our fish is extensive- ie. it does not require or include any human intervention.

Lio Piccolo

Le Manciane farmhouse is located in the heart of Lio Piccolo, a beautiful jewel of the Venetian lagoons.
Lio Piccolo is the oldest village in the whole of Cavallino - Treporti and hidden under the surface of the vineyards and in the surrounding waters there are many ancient ruins of original Roman settlements.

Our kitchen

Our kitchen can be defined as traditional and seasonal. You can taste on request, "moeche", cuttlefish wet with salt-water; The coral of "mazaneta" with white polenta, and roasted beef fillet or "saor". Many of our dishes are also available year-round such as our bream, grilled sea bass, eel on request and more...

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